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The customer must understand this is an aggreement of rental only; Customer acquires no rights other then those stated in our terms and conditions.
How old do I have to be to hire a car?
Our minimum age is 23 to hire a car and 25 to hire a minibus, Our maximum age is 72. To hire any vehicle you must have held a full driving license for at least 1 year.
Does the car come with petrol included in the price?
All cars come with petrol in, however you must return it with the same amount of petrol as you hired it with. Failure to do so will incur a small fee.
What happens if I get any traffic fines?
All fines resulting from the drivers conduct are payable by the person named on the rental contract.
What is covered in the insurance?
Our cars come with basic insurance which covers you for CDW, third party and personal accident. This comes with an excess of exe% € and we will require, and hold your card details until the car is returned undamaged. NOTICE !! (USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA ,NEW ZEALAND AND SOME OTHER COUNTRIES NEED TO HAVD AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCES) For full peace of mind during your holiday we offer you full insurance cover, with absolutely no excess and no open card. This covers you for EVERYTHING including: CDW Third party Personal accident Windscreen protection Tyres Glass Undercarriage protection Mirrors. Theft protection. NOTICE!!! (USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA ,NEW ZEALAND AND ALL HOLDERS OF AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE THEY WILL STILL NEED A CREDIT CARD FOR CLUTCH KIT ,TYRES AND OFF ROAD DRIVNG) Off road driving its not cover by full insurance
Can I hire a car without excess?
Yes you can. We have the optional Royal Full cover with no excess. (See above question)
Am I able to take the vehicle out of Corfu?
Only with the prior written agreement from Royal Cars Rental.
What do I do if I have an accident?
In the case of an accident you must contact Royal Cars Rental IMMEDIATLY and they are responsible for negotiating of any paperwork with the other driver.
What happens if I return the car late?
If you are delayed returning the car for any reason you must notify us immediately. As we have other customers expecting our cars. AND AFTER ONE HOUR DELAY CHARGES WILL BE APPLY ! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY DIFFICULTIES RETURN THE CAR FOR THE AGREED TIME.
Are the prices online the same as if I hire a car directly from the office?
No. All the details and prices shown on the website are for internet bookings ONLY. Cars booked directly from the office have separate prices and policies. Extras such as GPS and Full optional insurance are the same price.
What if my booked car is unavailable for any reason when I arrive.
In the unavoidable situation of your booked car being unavailable, Royal Cars Rental will provide you with a car of the same category or a car of a higher category (At no extra cost). Under no circumstances will you be expected to accept a car of a smaller category.
How do I cancel a booking?
To cancel a booking you must contact the company immediately. We offer a full refund for customers up to 48 hours before the booking is to take place. No refund will be given to customers with less than a full 48 hours notice.
What if I am delayed to collect my booked car?
If you are delayed for any reason you can contact us to change arrangements or make us aware of a delay, we do have a dedicated staff that keep check on all inbound flights and ferries also.
If I hire a car and then decide to return it before the agreed return date will I get a refund for the outstanding dates?
No. Once the contract has been signed, and you receive the car, you cannot claim a refund for the outstanding dates except in exceptional circumstances.
Airport flight details
At the airport our staff will be waiting for you at the arrival with your name clearly on display . We will check flight times and make allowances for customers on delayed flights. In the case of a delay we will regularly check the new arrival time to insure our staff is there to meet you. If you know your are delayed it is important for you to contact us straight away.
What do I do if the tyre gets damaged?
Replace it using the spare tyre provided and phone us to arrange to have it fixed.
Can i modify my booking ?
48 hours notice is required for any changes to your booking.
Is my country's driving license accepted or l need international?
All driving licenses from countries of the European Union (EU) are accepted. If you are from UNITED STATES ,CANADA ,NEWZEALAND Singapore AND AUSTRALIA YOU WILL NEED A INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE. IF YOU RENT A MANUAL CAR CLUTCH KIT AND OFF ROAD DRIVING ITS NOT COVERED FROM INSURANCE . CUSTOMER HAS TO HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE AND WE WILL, NOT REFUND ANY MONEY ON THE DAY IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ONE This is a link you can use if you have forget your international driving licence you can get one in about 20 minutes and it cost less than 20 dollars.
Can i drive the car out of the Island of Corfu ?
No you cant take the car out off the island of Corfu . If you take the car out off the island without permition the car has no insurance and it will be a penalty for the Driver.